The PTO Polenta Processing Line

Polenta is a cornmeal-based RTE (ready-to-eat) product that originated in Italy but has been adapted in Latin America as tamales and in Africa as various types of pap. It serves as a staple food for millions worldwide, with each culture preparing it uniquely. Leveraging our experience in soy processing plants, where we produce soy milk, we have derived significant value from Okara—the semi-solid residue often underutilized and relegated to animal feed. Utilizing our patent-pending process, we fully incorporate Okara with simple cornmeal. By adding a specialized pre-mix of vitamins and minerals during processing, we tailor the final nutritional profile to meet specific requirements based on age, gender, malnutrition status, and cultural preferences.

Our product, named PTO (Polenta Tamal Okra), undergoes thermal processing for shelf stability at room temperature and can be further preserved using autoclaves for an extended shelf life. We are equipped to conduct feasibility studies for production lines ranging from 300 to 5,000 kg per hour. This project may be integrated with a soy milk processing line or operate independently using soy meal instead of Okara. We invite you to watch our video and discuss your needs for potential collaboration.